Japanese culture experience

Facility offering kimono rental & dressing service, as well as Japanese cultural experiences including the tea ceremony, classical Japanese dance, and sword fighting. Customers can also enjoy taking a stroll while wearing a kimono.

The shop’s location is in Fukagawa, Tokyo.

This place is called the strongest place with spiritual energy.
Let’s walk for this traditional townscape with Japanese traditional style “Kimono” and Japanese hairstyle.
You can experience “Traditional Japanese dance”, “Sword battle” and “Tea ceremony”



○Traditional Japanese dance






The instructor will teach you how to wear kimono.
After that, I will teach basic movements such as walking, how to use dancing tools, and easy Japanese dancing.
Let’s feel the tradition of Japan!

Traditional Japanese Dance Experience 60 min5,800JPY (excl.tax)Select your preferred dance from Geisha or Samurai dances.


○Sword battle

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You can become a samurai and experience the Sword battle of Japan like a movie actor!

Sword battle Experience 60 min5,800JPY (excl.tax)This is one of the few number of training institutes where customers can learn samurai sword techniques


○Tea ceremony ※Can be added as an option with other experiences.

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First, I will see that we make tea. Later, you will make it yourself. Let’s drink it!

Tea Ceremony 30 min1,500JPY (excl.tax)Matcha Green Tea + Japanese Sweets + Lesson
Tea can also be prepared by the customer themselves
※Can be added as an option with other experiences.


○Kimono Dressing Service & Stroll






Customers can enjoy a stroll after changing into a rental kimono. First-timers have nothing to worry about, as staff will carefully explain everything. Your clothes can be left at our studio, so enjoy a walk outside while wearing the kimono.

Kimono Dressing Service & Stroll 180 min3,900JPY (excl.tax)From 2 people


○Japanese handmade and traditional games

IMG_0701-min (1)体験_170812_0039 体験_170812_0045 体験_170812_0033





There are many Japanese games here. Kendama, Hanafuda, Igo, Shogi, Tosenkyo and more!
We teach you how to play, let’s enjoy Japanese games!!

You can make Japanese fashion accessories.

Origami pierce(or earring) and Tumami-zaiku(pinching-craft).
Would you like to make memories that came to Japan yourself?