What’ s Fukagawaodori?

We are an entertainment place where you can experience various Japanese culture.

The shop’s location is in Fukagawa, Tokyo.
In the past, there was called the most strongest place with spiritual energy.
You can enjoy to take a walk this old histrical town with Japanese traditional style “kimono” and “marumage”
and to experience “Japanese traditional dance”, “sword buttle” and “tea ceremony”.


○Sado -Tea ceremony-

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Sado is Japanese tea party. The host of the party invites guests and serves sweets and Japanese traditional tea “Matcha”.
First you watch we make tea, after you actually try to make. Let’s get drink yourself if you can make it well!


○Tate-Sword battle-

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Tate is Japanese sword battle. Do you know Jidai-geki? It is a Japanese historical drama.
You become a Samurai or a Ninja and can fight with Japanese sword like a drama actor!!


○Buyo -Japanese dance-

お稽古予約DSC_1736 (1) DSC_1725img_menuNihonbuyo





Buyo is Japanese traditional dance. There are several types.
In here, instructor teaches from basic motion, how to use props, simple bon dance to difficult classical dance.
Let’s feel tradition of Japan by Buyo!


○Japanese handmade and traditional games

There are many Japanese games here. Kendama, Hanafuda, Igo, Shogi, Tosenkyo and more!
We teach you how to play, let’s enjoy Japanese games!!

You can make Japanese fashion accessories. Origami pierce(or earring) and Tumami-zaiku(pinching-craft).
Why don’t you make yourself in the memories that came to Japan?